Mango TV Mid-Autumn National Day, grab the Raiders Raiders! ! !

Zoom false! The excitement of happiness is definitely not just to enter the pig-raising mode of sleeping and naturally awake, nor is it to crowd the scenic area where people are crowded, but the various brands are engaged in activities! ! ! Don't forget to follow the rhythm of the gift of our Mango TV while grabbing a profit to grab a box TV. ! Raiders here, take it away!
Opened on September 30th, 11 days and 7 days of holiday, of course, can not be lack of companions and mango TV updated version of the companionship in the living room TV!

1. Version update can earn! During the update of the version, Mango TV will grab a house grab at the sofa butler's forum! Downloading the updated version at the sofa butler will have the opportunity to get a box, get around Mango TV limited, get free 30-day VIP right.

(Glossary: ​​Sofa butler is an application store with the largest number of users on smart TVs and smart set-top boxes, and the most distributed daily, most popular among TV application developers. Thousands of televisions, set-top box applications and games are available for download. Recommend the hottest applications and the most fun games to make you a smart TV player.)

Participation in the activity: Baidu “Sofa Manager”, enter the sofa forum, click on the activity area
Activity theme: "The new version of Mango TV upgrades, 7 days burned brains, grab the building!"
Detailed details of the activity Address: (Temporary confidentiality) On October 1, Baidu "Sofa Manager" enters the sofa forum, click on the activity area to see it!

2. Look at variety shows to earn! On the evening of September 30th, open the Mango TV and launch an exclusive show of brain-burning reality show "Millions of Seconds Quiz"! 24-hour multi-camera panorama broadcast, a group of smart people kept burning brains for 24 hours, allowing you to become more intelligent and multi-star! See who can sit on the money chair! Seconds earn ten yuan! Laughter to the end! Win millions of personal development funds!
of course! ! ! Friends and family members participate in interactive answers and win prizes while watching live broadcasts. There are many surprise prizes and various mystery prizes! How much you can earn depends on your brain! ! !
! ! Anyway, prizes are here!

3, watching movies also earn money! Eleven homes can watch movies at home. ! !
From October 1st to October 7th, open Mango TV, page recommend 4 VIP videos every day
The user clicks on the video to pop up the corresponding question and correct the question to participate in the draw
Mango TV inside family products, mango packs, limited video peripherals, VIP exchange cards, gifts only to see before trying to know!

4. Follow our official WeChat, there are more surprises waiting for you! ! ! Our goal is to keep your National Day!

Click to download Mango TV
"The first micro-channel scan code login, send a free VIP for 30 days, watching the mango broadcast variety is easier!" Enter into the "Happy Sunshine - Mango Internet TV Assistant" WeChat service number, you can directly complete the VIP card recharge renewal and conversion.

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