MiCO: Making smart hardware development easier

With the development of science and technology, especially the emergence of cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the concept of smart home frequently appears in various media and enters the public eye. In China, the concept of smart home was introduced ten years ago and ----more

LG has come to black technology! 55 inches only 1.9 kg …

At a press conference in South Korea this Tuesday, LG Display demonstrated this concept product, which is as thin as a wallpaper. The 55-inch monitor weighs 1.9 kg and is less than a millimeter thick. It can be affixed to the wall surface by magnetic material, and the user ----more

How to install third-party application tutorial for JBW…

JBW/Jumbo King E6 box how to install third-party applications, JBW/Jumbo King E6 box how to install APK software, JBW/Jumbo King E6 box how to install the sofa butler, how to install the sofa butler TV application market, a key download and install live on-demand software AP ----more

2020 LED and OLED lighting output ratio is about 3:1

In the field of lighting applications, we have been certain that LED light source is already the mainstream light source for lighting applications, but on the other hand, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology has begun to take action in the field of lighting. Recently, OLCA (OLED Lighting ----more

Billion Cloud Cloud Box H2 Installs Third-Party Applica…

Billion cloud box H2 installs the sofa butler through the U disk, and other models of the billion cloud box H2 can also refer to this tutorial. Installation process 1 Download the sofa butler installation file to the U disk → 2U disk to insert the eBroadcast cloud bo ----more

Crack TV box, web broadcast rights, TV broadcast rights

At least some of the box vendors have, to some extent, defaulted on the existence of such self-decrypting and integrated applications on their products. But if you can't make money on content, then the boxes can only be sold as one hardware. You are called millet or soy ----more

Intelligent hardware frequency burst Magic XING mobile …

iMagic new products, with the "XING" mobile smart scene lights, surprises come! Today (May 5) officially launched, the lowest price of 1 yuan will have access to new products, but also a limited number of 139 yuan value-for-money stalls for sale. Since the launch of ----more