APEC "Ji Shui" pattern released LED monogram …

According to Zou Yude, the person in charge of the design, “Ji Shui” was evolved from the traditional Chinese auspicious water pattern, and the water has a wealth of meaning in Chinese traditional culture, which fits the economic nature of the meeting. The pattern is elegant and elegant ----more

LED outdoor advertising screen will enter the 3.0 era

Indeed, promoting the integration and development of traditional and emerging media is a major and far-reaching change in the media field. It is not just a traditional media platform. For outdoor LED display production or operation companies, the continuous improvement of the status of emerging medi ----more

Share: ZigBee aerial download technology research and i…

The wireless sensor network is composed of a large number of sensor nodes with small size, limited power supply resources, and configured with certain computing power and wireless communication capabilities. For the sensor network system, there must be a need for program code ----more

5 wearable devices equipped with more advanced technolo…

The release of Apple Watch heralds that Apple has entered the wearable device market. As a consumer electronics device, Apple Watch still has certain appeal, including beautiful design, new user interface and some functional details superior to competitors. But from the perspective of forward-look ----more

[Image Analysis] Disassemble 7W LED Bulb

Nothing is idle, take a look at the light bulb. This is a 7W LED bulb. The appearance design is similar to most LED bulbs on the market. It looks very thick and the heat dissipation effect should be good. The following is an introduction to the LED light bulb logo. The power of this ----more

JCE launches the industry's first MHL 3.0 adapter

Taipei, Taiwan — October 14, 2014 — Yongtai Electronics Co., Ltd. (JCE) today released the industry ’s first MHL® 3.0 certified adapter for connecting MHL-enabled mobile devices to TVs equipped with HDMI® ports. The adapter is based on the latest MHL ----more

Blue LED brings lighting**

The news of the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for the invention of "High Brightness Blue Light-Emitting Diodes" by Akazaki, Amano Hiroshi, and Nakamura Shimura was inspiring throughout the entire LED industry. Industry insiders pointed out that it brings not only the lighting revol ----more