IoT solutions for aquaculture

The traditional aquaculture industry is characterized by extensive feeding methods such as sacrificing natural environmental resources and a large amount of material consumption. It has low economic benefits and pollutes the water environment. More and more modern aquaculture ----more

Five basic points of LED lighting products

Since the generation of external lighting, we have divided lighting into three eras: the filament bulb era (incandescent lamp), the gas bulb era (fluorescent lamp), and the semiconductor light-emitting era (LED). Among them, the longest history of incandescent lamps and future ----more

Smart phone and car integration car application now bus…

Everyone will have different views on what the car will look like in the future. But what is certain is that smartphones that penetrate our lives will now be used in cars. Marcel Visser, Chairman of ERTICO-ITS Europe, pointed out in the "TelemaTIcs Taiwan 2012" forum ----more

HTML5 is unstoppable to create a big future of car inte…

QNX Software Systems believes that not only in the automotive industry, but also in tablets, especially smartphones and other devices, manufacturers are also deploying dazzling technologies in order to meet consumer demand for content and services. HTML5 is a non-proprietary a ----more

Why not quadruple the high-performance of the hero mobi…

News on November 19th, although quad-core mobile phones have begun to spread, but the core number does not completely represent high performance. Software developers say that most applications currently do not require quad-core, and simple multi-core will not have a significan ----more

Cypress and Ramtron reach M & A agreement

Cypress Semiconductor and Ramtron InternaTIonal reached a deterministic purchase agreement. Under the agreement, Cypress will acquire all of Ramtron's common stock in cash at a price of $ 3.10 per share. The value of this transaction is approximately US $ 109.8 million (ex ----more

3D printer: Three-dimensional bone effect is coming out…

Recently, the reporter saw a printer that can print the effect of three-dimensional bones at the Joint Research Center of Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University. The printer can three-dimensionally print out all the bones inside the human body according to the r ----more