[Inventory] Six major disaster relief robots in the fir…

In the face of disasters, the ability to extinguish and rescue human flesh and blood alone is limited, and it may cause secondary casualties during the rescue process. So, can the robot help? Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, robot technology has made grea ----more

How to ensure the safety performance of LED display?

Looking at the development of the large-screen display industry in recent years, it is not difficult to see that no seams and high image quality are the ultimate pursuit of large-screen display. In the current mainstream display technology, liquid crystal splicing has a relati ----more

Op amp parameters in circuit testing

A single test circuit can be used at that time, but today is not the case because modern op amps have a more comprehensive specification. Therefore, a single test circuit no longer covers all DC tests. Workbench and production tests are now performed on the op amp DC paramete ----more

[Knowledge Popularization] Those About 4K Ultra Blu-ray…

The price of 4K ultra high-definition televisions in the market is already no longer high. However, the film source still stays in the era of 1080P full HD, lagging behind the hardware. In view of this, the Blu-ray Disc Association has finally upgraded the Blu-ray Disc to & ----more

Fast Assistant TV APK

Software information name of software: Fast assistant The latest version: 1.3 support system: Android 2.2.x Software Category: Utilities Interface language: Chinese Size of software: 3.03MB Updated: 2015-10-20 Software Introduction The Express Messenger is a ----more

Are you making three technical difficulties in designin…

The outdoor rotary LED display is a new type of display screen that realizes graphic display by synchronously controlling the position and lighting state of the light-emitting diode. Due to its novel structure, low cost and visible range of 360°, it has been rapidly developed. The core technolog ----more

Six types of night lighting design for city squares

< p> Square night lighting design is an important embodiment of urban culture and spiritual style, and is also a very important part of landscape lighting. According to the different night lighting of the square, it can be divided into: night lighting design of the municipal square, night lighting ----more