Are you making three technical difficulties in designing outdoor rotating LED displays?

The outdoor rotary LED display is a new type of display screen that realizes graphic display by synchronously controlling the position and lighting state of the light-emitting diode. Due to its novel structure, low cost and visible range of 360°, it has been rapidly developed. The core technology is to precisely control the synchronization of the display position and the lighting state. The display device of the outdoor rotating LED display has only one column, and the column is rotated by the outdoor LED display with constant rotation speed, and the control circuit controls the lighting state of the display screen synchronously, so that the motor rotates through a certain angle. The display content of this column of LED display changes once, and there is a unique display content when rotated to any position, that is to say, the outdoor rotating LED display is displayed column by column, and mechanical rotation is used instead of scanning display. .

The principle of outdoor rotating LED display is not complicated, and its hardware structure is relatively simple, but to enable it to display the set image or text stably, Xiaobian believes that the following three technical difficulties need to be overcome:

First, the power supply of the rotating screen control circuit

When the system is working, the control circuit rotates with the rotor of the motor, so it is difficult to provide a stable power supply to the rotating control circuit and the outdoor LED display.

Second. Rotating screen shows the smear problem horizontally

Since the rotating screen adopts a single-row outdoor LED display rotary scanning to realize the cylindrical image display, the image-like display appears viscous in the lateral direction, forming a smear phenomenon.

Third, solve the problem of insufficient display brightness

Since the working principle of the outdoor rotating LED display determines that the time for displaying each column is much less than that of the ordinary flat outdoor LED display, the brightness is also greatly reduced.

Therefore, in order to make the designed outdoor rotating LED display have better display effect, it is necessary to solve the above three problems in design.

1. How to solve the problem of power supply of outdoor rotating LED display, we generally use the brush plate fixed on the base and the rotating metal rail and the metal wheel shaft to supply power to the system, which is a relatively simple and reliable method. The design of this paper is to provide a constant 12V DC voltage through the brush, and then convert the DC-DC chip into 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V and other voltages to maintain the control system.

2. How to solve the horizontal smear problem of the rotating screen, mainly according to the characteristics of the rotating scanning, inserting a full black time slot between the two columns of pixels, so that the stickiness of the display points of the two columns of images can be eliminated.

3. To solve the problem of insufficient brightness display, the design of this paper does not continue to increase the brightness of outdoor LED display lights. It uses four columns of outdoor LED display lights to display each of each rotating screen in turn. Pixel points, so that the brightness will be four times the original when the rotation rate is constant.

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