[Inventory] Six major disaster relief robots in the fire protection industry

In the face of disasters, the ability to extinguish and rescue human flesh and blood alone is limited, and it may cause secondary casualties during the rescue process. So, can the robot help?

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, robot technology has made great progress. Fire rescue robots have also become an important application branch. Although it is not enough to completely replace firefighters, it can still play a role in assisting rescue.

Here are some robots that might seem to work.

1. Snow cannon fire extinguishing robot

(Figure 1, snow cannon fire extinguishing robot)

This is a fire-extinguishing robot that has been installed in some fire departments in China - Land Rover 60 snow gun car, Germany Schmitz company products.

Its more precise positioning is a semi-intelligent high-pressure water cannon fire extinguishing vehicle weighing 2.3 tons and traveling at a speed of up to 40 kilometers. The large barrel takes off and takes only 4 seconds, and the water column is as far as 60 meters. It can be remotely controlled to extinguish fires closer to the source of the fire.

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