MiCO: Making smart hardware development easier

With the development of science and technology, especially the emergence of cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the concept of smart home frequently appears in various media and enters the public eye. In China, the concept of smart home was introduced ten years ago and pushed into the market. With the development of society and economy, people's pursuit of home quality is getting higher and higher, requiring home comfort and safety, home life is comfortable and intelligent, and the demand for smart home systems is becoming stronger and stronger. The foundation of smart homes - hardware facilities are becoming more and more important.

Shanghai Qingke Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Qingke) has been focusing on embedded systems for more than 10 years. It has been optimized by more than 800 customers worldwide and has more than 20 patents and software copyrights. Li Hua, the regional director of North China, pointed out in the 2015 China Hardware Innovation Competition that the current smart home is not perfect, and there are still problems such as high positioning, high price, high cost, poor compatibility, product quality, heavy control and light service.

MiCO: Making smart hardware development easier

Li, the regional director of North China, believes that to be a smart home, the product is the foundation, and its intelligence depends mainly on the algorithm.

As an embedded device connected to the Internet, intelligent hardware realizes intelligence through the cloud and controls through mobile terminals; realizes the connection of objects and objects, people and things, and people; intelligent hardware development is triathlon, a mature The products need to involve hardware, cloud and APP development, so it is important to study the Internet of Things technology. This is undoubtedly a big opportunity for many current makers and small and medium-sized companies, which is of great significance.

MiCO: Making smart hardware development easier

Intelligent hardware application framework

The world's first IoT operating system MiCO+Wifi module was first introduced by Shanghai Qingke. The MICOTM operating system is a full-time IoT operating system based on MCU, including the underlying chip, wireless network, RF technology, security, application framework and so on. At the same time, through the built-in cloud access protocol, it also provides a series of solutions such as Alibaba platform, App SDK support, and production testing. This operating system enables intelligent hardware developers to greatly reduce the underlying investment, truly realize the networking and intelligentization of products and mass production.

MiCO: Making smart hardware development easier

IOT module diagram

The core strengths of MICOTM include EasyLink SDK fast and easy connection, Wnet2.0 low power, ARM-Cortex-M3 architecture and EasyCloud free cloud access platform. The sensor triggers the link in just 1.5 seconds, with a sophisticated interactive experience and a variety of functional scenarios. A smart home equipped with the MiCO operating system can achieve the following functions:

1. Local links and intelligent upgrades;

2. App development (IOS, Anddroid);

3. Light hardware and intelligence in the cloud;

4. Service enhances the competitiveness of the company;

5. Realizing the value of the flow;

Suitable for a variety of smart furniture types, such as smart audio and video equipment, security systems, intelligent lighting connection technology.

MiCO: Making smart hardware development easier

Mico's application in intelligent lighting connection technology

Finally, when it comes to the change of smart furniture in the future, Mr. Li stressed that the future hardware and software will show a separation trend, and there will be a large number of personalized algorithms to solve the needs of specific application scenarios. The advantages of the algorithm will depend entirely on With the richness of data and the depth of understanding of data, MICO will certainly make the development of smart hardware in the world easier.

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