2009 global semiconductor manufacturing equipment ranking: Ai Siqiang due to LED hot list

VLSI Research announced the market size and sales ranking of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in 2009. The market size in 2009 was 40% lower than the previous year, which has been a sharp drop for two consecutive years. Compared with the recent peak period of 2008, the market size in 2009 has been reduced by half.

In terms of sales rankings, among the top five companies, Tokyo Electronics (TEL), which fell to third place in 2008, returned to second place, and Nikon also rose from sixth place in 2008 to fourth place. Japanese companies have shown a downward trend in recent years, but sales in 2009 fell less, so the rankings rose relatively.

Among the companies ranked sixth, the seventh-ranked Canon in 2008 failed to make the list. The German Aixtron AG rose from the 27th in 2007 to the 18th in 2008, and rose to the 13th in 2009, entering the top 15 in one fell swoop. Ai Siqiang is mainly engaged in the business of LED CVD equipment. Due to the recent boom in the LED industry, the company is the only company among the top 15 companies with two consecutive years of increased sales. On the whole, among the top 15 companies in 2009, there were 8 companies with rising rankings, 4 companies with falling rankings, and 3 companies with no change.

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Rack type: installed in 19 inch OLT cabinet; in fiber branch home, the installation equipment is standard digital cabinet; when ODN need to be placed on the table.
Cassette type: installed in 19 inch standard rack; in fiber branch home, installation device is provided in the optical fiber cable transfer box; branch home, installed customer specified equipment.
Branch type: installed in various types of optical distribution equipment. Installed in various types of optical testing instruments.
Miniature: installed in optical cable connector box. Installed in the module box. Installed in the wiring box.
Insert: This equipment is used for user access point for optical FTTX system, mainly to complete the cable into the area or building into the end, with a fixed, stripping, welding, and other functions of the shunt jumper, optical fiber, light to form a cable into the terminal user.
Tray type: Fiber Optic Splitter, applicable to various types of wave division multiplexer integrated installation.


Planar lightwave circuit splitter (PLC Splitter) is a kind of integrated waveguide optical power distribution device based on quartz substrate. It has the advantages of small volume, wide bandwidth, high reliability, excellent uniformity. Optical Fiber Splitter is especially suitable for passive optical networks (EPON, BPON, GPON) which is connected with the terminal equipment and realize the optical power distribution.
 XRX provides 1*N and 2*N fiber optic splitters. And these PLC splitters can be made as per customer request.

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