Zhang Ying: Focus on energy saving from LED

Founded in 1923, Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory Co., Ltd. is the first national lighting enterprise in China. The “Asia” brand is a well-known national brand. After decades of development and growth, the company has become a research and development company. The professional lighting enterprise integrating manufacturing, marketing and engineering services has formed a series of light source, electrical appliances, lamps and parts, and is well-known at home and abroad for its strong technology, complete components, high quality and excellent service.

HC Network Reporter: Hello, thank you for accepting an interview with HC Lighting Network. Yaming Bulb is a well-known lighting company in the industry. What products did Yaming bring to this exhibition?

Zhang Ying: At this exhibition, we brought a lot of the latest research and development products of the company, including electric light source products and engineering lamps.

HC Network Reporter: This exhibition is the first time to participate in the Aluminium bulb? How can the participation in the lighting exhibition help the company?

Zhang Ying: Yaming bulb has participated in the lighting exhibition several times. The reason why we have a strong interest in this exhibition is because it is helpful to participate in the lighting exhibition, for us to promote our own brand, display products and tap more customer buyers.

HC Network Reporter: From the product model, we see that the number is decreasing, which means that the diameter of the tube is decreasing. Then our consumers don't care about this. What are the changes in their functions and performance?

Zhang Ying: It is more energy-efficient, which is developed along the main line of energy conservation. This is also the development trend of the entire light source field. Including the LED project we are currently developing, it will be more energy efficient than the current energy saving lamp. Now LED lighting products are actually not a problem, mainly because of the price. If the price does not come, there is no way to spread it to ordinary consumers. For example, if we make a lamp, it costs 30 yuan. In fact, LED products in the industry are almost the cheapest, but consumers will still feel expensive.

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