How to ensure the safety performance of LED display?

Looking at the development of the large-screen display industry in recent years, it is not difficult to see that no seams and high image quality are the ultimate pursuit of large-screen display. In the current mainstream display technology, liquid crystal splicing has a relatively obvious seam, so it is difficult to attack the studio, the weather bureau, etc., which have high image integrity. This field is also the core battlefield for small-pitch LEDs to launch an impact on DLP. Although the LED display technology is very mature, there will always be such problems in the process of use. The following will mainly introduce the common faults and solutions of the LED display.

First, what is the reason for the black screen on the LED screen?

In the process of using the control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon that the screen of the LED screen appears completely black. The same phenomenon can be caused by a variety of different reasons, and even the process of darkening the screen can vary from operation to operation or from environment to environment. For example, it may be black at the moment of power-on, or it may turn black during loading, or it may turn black after sending:

1. Please ensure that all hardware including the control system is properly powered. (+5V, don't reverse, connect wrong)

2. Check and repeatedly confirm whether the serial cable used to connect to the controller is loose or loose. (If it gets dark during the loading process, it is probably caused by this reason, that is, the communication line is interrupted due to the looseness of the communication line during the communication process, so the screen becomes dark, and the screen is not moved, and the line cannot be loosened. Please check it out, it is very important to solve the problem quickly.)

3. Check and confirm whether the connected LED screen and the HUB distribution board connected to the main control card are tightly connected and inserted.

Second, when the LED display is just powered on, what happens to the bright line for a few seconds or the screen picture is changed?

After connecting the screen controller to the computer and the HUB distribution board and screen, you need to provide +5V power to the controller to make it work properly (in this case, do not directly connect to 220V). At the moment of power-on, there will be a few seconds of bright lines or “flower screen” on the screen. The bright line or “flower screen” is a normal test phenomenon, reminding the user that the screen is about to start normal work. Within 2 seconds, the phenomenon is automatically eliminated and the screen enters normal working condition.

Third, the unit board appears the whole screen is not bright, dark reasons

1. Visually check whether the power connection cable, the 26P cable between the unit boards, and the power module indicator are normal.

2. Use a multimeter to measure the normal voltage of the unit board, and then measure whether the voltage output of the power module is normal. If not, it is judged that the power module is bad.

3. Measure the voltage of the power module is low, adjust the fine adjustment (fine adjustment of the power module near the indicator light) to make the voltage reach the standard.

4. What is the reason for not loading or not communicating?

The reason why the communication is not the same as the loading is not the same. It may be caused by the following reasons: Please compare the listed items with the operation:

1. Ensure that the control system hardware is properly powered.

2. Check that the serial cable used to connect to the controller is a straight-through cable, not a crossover cable.

3. Check and confirm that the serial port cable is intact and there are no loose or falling off at both ends.

4. Compare the LED display control software and the control card selected by yourself to select the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial port number, the correct serial transmission rate, and correctly set according to the DIP switch diagram provided in the software. Controls the address bit and serial transmission rate on the system hardware.

5. Check if the jumper cap is loose or off; if the jumper cap is not loose, please make sure that the jumper cap is in the correct direction.

6. If the above check and correction still fails to load, please use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged to confirm whether it should be returned to the computer manufacturer or the control system is hard. Body delivery is also detected.

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