On the main screen function of PEC calibrator

The initial on-site calibrators include CST2001 pressure calibrator and PEC three-phase multi-function calibrator. Taking PEC three-phase multi-function calibrator as an example, it is an intelligent field calibrator. The so-called intelligent field calibrator is a single-chip microcomputer as the core, equipped with the corresponding test circuit, interface and corresponding software to complete the instrument's measurement control, data acquisition, data processing and display instruments. The so-called multi-function means that one instrument can complete the analog output and measurement of multiple parameters. PEC three-phase multifunctional calibrator adopts dot-matrix LCD screen, Chinese character prompt operation has a good man-machine interface, it is not only used as a field calibrator, but also suitable for precision measurement and more The calibration of various electrical instruments can also be used as the standard part of the precision complete electric energy meter calibration device.

The energy meter calibration is the most important function of the calibrator. The instrument is connected to the power to be calibrated by the same power to compare the energy errors of the two meters. Specifically, it has the following functions:

(1) It can identify the common three-phase three-wire 192 kinds of wiring errors, and can also display the hexagonal diagram of any wiring.

(2) The 221st harmonic of the three-phase voltage and diaphragm pressure gauge current can be measured and the odd, even and total distortion rates can be stored.

(3) It can store all the measurement data of 70 meters and communicate with the PC, and has an interface with the original database and management system.

(4) Equipped with / PEC electric energy meter management system 0 software, realize paperless office.

Operation procedure of the calibrator: first connect the power supply of the instrument, and check whether the power supply voltage is between 50260V with an insulated ladder. After confirming, turn on the power supply and connect the test line terminal or clamp meter. According to the tested object, set the verification parameters on the opened main screen, after setting, press Enter to exit the setting state and start verification.

Main screen function display: The opened main screen is divided into five areas:

(1) Setting parameter area: Press the setting key to activate this area, the user can use the numeric keys to modify the parameters according to the verification object, and press Enter to confirm.

(2) Error display area: displays the latest error (displayed with large numbers) and the previous 6 measurement error values ​​(represented by small numbers) and the value of the electric coil measured at that time. The actual error value of the calibrator is equal to the absolute value of the error value it displays, and the sign is opposite.

(3) Electrical parameter display area: displays all measured electrical parameters of the instrument under test.

(4) Vector graph display area: vector graph showing the correlation of 6 vectors during measurement.

(5) Time display: display the measured instant time.

(6) Status display: The indicator light flashes to indicate that the instrument is working normally, otherwise it is not normal.

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