Precautions for light, temperature and humidity of cucumber planting in winter greenhouse

Cucumber planting in winter greenhouses requires the following points in daily management: light, temperature and humidity.
Cucumber lighting, because cucumber is a hi-light vegetable, in general, the daily light time in the greenhouse cultivation in winter is more than 10 hours, but in the winter, our actual daylighting time is not enough, so the winter light in the greenhouse cultivation is a very In the important part, it is recommended to implement the following measures: to clean the shed film to ensure the transparency of the shed film; it is also possible to hang the reflective film in the greenhouse; but now the new plant growth lamp can effectively solve the problem of greenhouse lighting in greenhouses. Plant growth lights, plant growth lights, vegetable fill light, greenhouse fill light, etc. as supplementary light, can enhance the light at any time of the day, can better allow photosynthesis of vegetables. Especially in the winter or rainy season, it can better extend the lighting time required by plants. The plant fill light can completely replace the natural light, which can adjust and control the plant growth cycle more conveniently. It can increase the yield of vegetables by 30-79% and get listed for 7-15 days in advance.
Temperature control is also a very important place in greenhouse cucumber cultivation, and the temperature should be adjusted according to different time. The greenhouse cucumber has high temperature requirements. Generally, the temperature in the daytime should be kept at 27 °C-30 °C, and the temperature should be kept between 10 °C and 12 °C at night. The greenhouse temperature can not reach the effect, and the artificial stove or the light can be used. Light to increase the temperature of the greenhouse.
Another important point of attention in the cultivation of greenhouse cucumbers is humidity. If the humidity is not well controlled, it will easily cause pests and diseases. Under normal circumstances, the normal humidity of greenhouses should be 80%, if the greenhouse humidity If you don't reach this level, you can use watering or spraying to keep the humidity in the greenhouse.
Secondly, attention should be paid to watering and fertilization in the cultivation of cucumbers in greenhouses. Generally, it is watered once every 15-20 days, and the fertilized fertilizer is mainly made of high-efficiency NPK compound fertilizer. Finally, the farmers are reminded to observe more when planting in the greenhouse, and have problems in time.

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