Detailed description of the design of the car protection circuit system - circuit diagram reading every day (243)

In traffic accidents, traffic accidents caused by drunk driving account for a considerable proportion. To prevent drunk driving, we need to install a drunk driving automatic protection device in the car. The total consists of four parts, as follows:

Detection circuit: The detection circuit is divided into two parts. The first part is the alcohol gas detection circuit. It uses the characteristic of alcohol sensor to have high sensitivity to alcohol to detect the alcohol content in the air. The structure diagram is shown in Figure 2.

The alcohol sensor is a tin dioxide semiconductor type alcohol gas sensor which has high sensitivity to alcohol and fast response characteristics. However, its disadvantage is that due to the short life of the electric heating wire, we can use the second part of the vehicle's human body infrared detection circuit to control its work. Therefore, the second part of the function is infrared detection of the human body inside the vehicle. When a human body is detected, the alcohol sensor is first passed through a large current of 0.5-2S to rapidly heat the sensor, thereby quickly entering a normal working state (for example, the normal heating sensor needs to be preheated 1 - 2 minutes to work properly), then start the corresponding circuit.

Central processing circuit: using single-chip microcomputer for intelligent processing, control voice reminder and protection. The software processing flow chart is shown in Figure 3.

Voice circuit: If the alcohol content is close to the traffic safety standard, you will be careful to drive carefully. If the safety standard is exceeded, the action circuit operates and warns the driver to drive.

Action circuit: The engine is directly cut off according to the processing result of the control circuit.

Figure 1 shows the automatic protection system of the car after driving. With this car drunk driving automatic protection device, it effectively controls the traffic accident caused by drunk driving. This system can also be used in other situations where it is strictly prohibited to control the operation of the wine. Such as forklifts, cranes.

Detailed description of the design of the car protection circuit system - the circuit diagram read every day (243)

Figure 1 system circuit diagram

The alcohol-containing gas detecting device using the alcohol sensor detects that the alcohol concentration exceeds the standard in the vehicle, and the relay in the circuit operates to cut off the automobile engine so that the car cannot be started. As shown in the figure, this circuit is simple to control. As long as the alcohol concentration in the car exceeds the standard, it will act, so the application has limitations, such as taxis are not suitable.

Detailed description of the design of the car protection circuit system - the circuit diagram read every day (243)
Figure 2 Drunk driving automatic protection system diagram

The vehicle complete circuit usually has a power circuit, a starting circuit, an ignition circuit, a lighting and light signal device circuit, a meter information system circuit, an auxiliary device circuit and an electronic control system circuit, so the car circuit protection is to be learned.

Detailed description of the design of the car protection circuit system - the circuit diagram read every day (243)
Figure 3 car protection circuit diagram

The composition of the vehicle circuit

1, the power circuit

Also known as a charging circuit, it is a circuit composed of a battery, a generator, a regulator, and a charging indicating device. Electric energy distribution (distribution) and circuit protection devices can also be classified into this circuit.

2, start circuit

It is a circuit consisting of a starter, a starter relay, a starter switch and a start-up protection circuit. It is also possible to include a device for starting preheating under low temperature conditions and its control circuit in this circuit.

3, ignition circuit

It is a circuit unique to gasoline engine cars. It consists of an ignition coil, a distributor, an electronic ignition controller, a spark plug and an ignition switch. Microcomputer controlled electronic ignition control systems are generally included in the engine electronic control system.

4, lighting and lighting signal device circuit

It is composed of headlights, fog lights, position lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights, interior lights and related control relays and switches.

5, instrument information system circuit

It is a circuit consisting of a meter and its sensors, various alarm indicators and controllers.

6, auxiliary device circuit

It is a circuit composed of various electrical devices provided to improve the safety and comfort of the vehicle, comfort, and the like. The types of auxiliary electrical devices vary from model to vehicle. The higher the car grade, the better the auxiliary electrical device. Generally, it includes a windshield wiper and cleaning device, a windshield defrosting (anti-fog) device, an air conditioner, and an audio device. The higher-grade models are also equipped with window electric lifts, electronically controlled door locks, power seat adjustments and electric remote control rearview mirrors. Electronically controlled airbags fall under the electronic control system.

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