Ulan Mulunhe Bridge landscape lighting and functional lighting

The landscape design of the bridge is mainly reflected in the design of the tower tower, the night landscape lighting, and the bridge landscape painting. Bridge landscape lighting is an organic combination of lighting science and bridge art. It expands the landscape expression of bridges and displays the charm of bridges around the clock. It is an extension of bridge space and time. At night, combined with the performance of navigational navigational lights and other special landscape lighting, the virtual structure of the main structure and the outline of the main tower will be more beautiful.

Edit: Cedar

Power: 220V-240V 50/60Hz  1200W, Motor : Dual driving       

1.Stepless speed control with pulse function  
2.Two driving connector for different attachments
3.Rotary chrome switch   
4.Transparent splash-proof cover    
5.5.8L stainless steel bowl(SUS 304)    
6.Non slip feet    
7.Power cord hiding box    
8.Dishwasher safe attachments

9.Unique dough hook & mixer whisk are included.                                

 10.Low noise, environment friendly                                               

11.Cord length: 1.2m

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