Will you use the parking assist radar system?

Will you use the parking assist radar system?

Parking aid system (we usually call it: reversing radar).

The parking aid system is an excellent system that warns of obstacles when there is limited space behind the vehicle (or front) (for example, parking distance is closer).

Some vehicles are equipped with both front and rear radars. Some vehicles only have rear-reverse radars for accessories. At the same time, vehicles equipped with front and rear radars are more convenient for parking. The front and rear positions can be judged by the radar alarm sound.

How much do the owners of the radar on the car know? Today, the Callander car introduced to the position, I hope that the owners of the car to learn, I hope to help you with the help of radar parking.

Parking aid system - front

When the vehicle speed drops below 15km/h, the system is activated. A signal indicates the distance from the object in front of the car. When an object is displayed, the radio/stereo sound level is attenuated and a vibrating "beep" is emitted from the front speaker of the car. When about 80 cm left from the obstacle, the sound starts to sound; when the obstacle is about 30 cm away from the front bumper, it becomes a continuous sound.

figure 1

Parking aid system - rear

When the reverse gear is engaged, the system is activated. When the obstacle is about 150 cm, the radio/stereo sound level is lowered and a pulsating "buzzer tone" starts to sound in the rear speaker of the car; when the obstacle is about 30 cm away from the rear bumper, it becomes a continuous tone.

figure 2

Parking aid system tips

1. In order to distinguish the front and rear systems, different audios are used, and the sound is transmitted from different speakers in the front or rear. Did you hear it when you usually reversing?

2. When the frequency of the external sound source is the same as the frequency of the system sensor, the system may generate an "error" signal. Typical sound sources are horns, wet tires on asphalt roads, pneumatic brakes, and motorcycle exhaust pipes. Can not fully trust the reversing radar, the radar alarm is not clear, it is best to get off and observe.

3. Temporarily turn off the reversing radar system. For example, if the radar damage has been long, we need to temporarily close it. Be sure to pay attention to opening it in time to avoid scratching the vehicle.

image 3

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