2014 Business Intelligence Lighting Applications and Trends

Commercial space intelligent lighting application status
China's economy and society are experiencing rapid development and profound changes. LED development is still advancing at a high speed. Its advantages continue to replace traditional light sources, bringing unprecedented opportunities and challenges to commercial lighting. The same is true for smart lighting . As shown in Figure 1, the proportion of smart lighting used in office and entertainment venues is 23% and 20% respectively. In 2012, the growth rate of LED commercial lighting reached 40.11%. LEDs promote commercial lighting into the golden period of development. Thunder is not enough to cover the entire commercial lighting industry; closely connected with intelligent lighting applications into the commercial space, although at the preliminary, but its development momentum is fast.
Intelligent lighting
â–² Chart 1
Since intelligent lighting is gradually applied in commercial space, designers and owners in the communication program will also recommend intelligent lighting products. According to the survey, 63% of the owners can pay attention to business intelligence lighting, but the actual application to smart lighting There are very few products, and most of the ideas are stuck in the program. This shows that there are still some problems in the development of commercial intelligent lighting in the early stage. The biggest reason is that due to different industry standards, the country has not issued standards, which makes consumers unable to refer to it. In addition, although intelligent lighting can bring certain economic benefits to the business, However, the level of after-sales service in the intelligent lighting industry is relatively low, and the intelligent lighting system is relatively complicated at present, the probability of problems is high, and the high maintenance cost hinders the development of intelligent lighting.
Although intelligent lighting can bring certain economic benefits to business, in addition to the above problems, what factors are there to limit its development? And listen to the opinions of the industry.
Intelligent lighting 1
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"Intelligence" is a relatively fashionable word in recent years. The intelligent application of lighting design will show different developmental trends in different occasions and have a high room for improvement. However, intelligent lighting will encounter many obstacles in practical applications. For now, how to promote is the biggest problem of intelligent lighting. The understanding and acceptance of intelligent lighting by owners and users is generally low, and the price is generally higher. To solve these problems, it is necessary to increase the promotion and promotion of smart lighting applications.
Intelligent lighting control mode, in the commercial space such as sales office, is divided into several control modes: scene control, group control, timing control, but this is still in the initial stage. In addition, depending on the light intensity, the light will change accordingly. There are some problems in the application of intelligent lighting. First, even European countries lack an industry standard. Second, designers and owners are not very aware of intelligent lighting, and both parties are still exploring the stage.
EIB intelligent lighting control system
Water Cube National Aquatics Center - EIB Intelligent Lighting Control System
The future trend of business intelligence lighting
At present, the global environment is constantly deteriorating, resources are decreasing, and low-carbon environmental protection is the trend of the entire planet. According to statistics, the electricity consumption of lighting in typical shopping malls accounts for 40%-50% of the electricity consumption of commercial buildings. The lighting energy consumption and electricity consumption are relatively high, so low-carbon lighting can not be ignored in commercial lighting. Nowadays, the market demand is obvious, LED commercial products have entered a stage of stable development. Among them, LED intelligent dimming has been tried and practiced since 2008 and has been applied in commercial lighting.
In commercial lighting, the advantages of using intelligent lighting are numerous. It not only achieves the characteristics of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency, but also plays an important direction for lighting to further green and sustainable development. Therefore, intelligent lighting has a good development prospect in commercial space, and intelligent lighting has become a new trend of commercial lighting in the future. With the advancement of technology, the combination of new intelligent technologies with new energy and new lighting technologies, the price of smart products will decline, and the trend will become more civilian. The future development trend of intelligent design has the following points:
1. Provide flexible control mode to increase the lighting level according to the specified area and specific time, and adapt to the change of product layout.
2. Generate different working modes and implement different lighting modes at different times.
3. Produce dynamic or special lighting effects, although ordinary effects lighting can also produce special effects, but controlling dynamic lighting can produce more fun.
4. Energy saving during operation, intelligent lighting control can generally save 20-40% of electric energy, which not only reduces the user's electricity bills, but also reduces the Power Supply pressure.
To achieve a good intelligent lighting effect, we need the cooperation between the designer and the manufacturer. The designer must understand the intelligent lighting products through the enterprise, the development of the simulation, the design of the analog dimming, the setting of the digital dimming and the latest In-depth understanding of intelligent product usage and other aspects, and guide the owners, let the owners more intelligent understanding of smart products, and then feedback the needs of the owners to the enterprise, so that enterprises can improve or develop more suitable products for the owners. From the past experience, the biggest problem in the application of intelligent lighting is in the promotion, mainly because customers do not have enough knowledge of smart products, and they have great concerns about the reliability of their operation. Different groups of customers have different requirements for the control system of intelligent lighting. However, due to different times, the concept of the new era affects the demand for lighting environment. After 80 and 90, the acceptance of new things has increased. These factors provide a good development prospect for the application of intelligent lighting. In the future, intelligent lighting needs to be integrated in terms of technology implementation. The intelligent system provider, lighting supplier, driving power supplier and designer “four in one”, the breakthrough point is the intelligent system provider, which can not only design The division provides an intelligent control system that can also help solve many details, but it lacks research on luminaires and drive power, making it difficult to solve problems in debugging or related operations. Another breakthrough is "reliability", which is more of a system design problem, and whether the life of the lamp can meet the requirements. Therefore, to achieve breakthroughs in the application of intelligent lighting, it is necessary to achieve integration and ensure reliability.
For the majority of users, the impact of smart lighting on life is beyond our imagination, but for lighting companies, it is a test that must be faced before a leap. At present, green low-carbon lighting has been included in the national plan, and the concept of energy-saving priority has gradually poured into our brains. Intelligent lighting is undoubtedly an effective means to control energy consumption, reflect modern lifestyle and optimize working environment. Although there are some obstacles and difficulties in the application of intelligent lighting in commercial space at this stage, it is undeniable that its application prospects are bright. We are looking forward to the smart lighting that will enter commercial lighting and enter people's lives in the near future. .

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