Ambiq Micro and Prime Phase Technology Announce Development for Next Generation Wearable Products

Ambiq Micro, a leader in ultra-low-power ARM M4 microcontrollers with floating-point units and a leading supplier of optical CMOS sensors for human-machine interface (HMI) solutions, announced that the two companies have Collaborate to develop ultra-low power heart rate monitoring (HRM) solutions deployed in next-generation wearable products.

The market for wearables is growing rapidly and is evolving rapidly, from primarily for fitness devices to more complex data and information devices for user health, so continuous heart rate monitoring is becoming a key requirement for such devices. Developers face significant challenges in balancing the limited power resources of wearable devices and the power required to sustain HRM operations.

For manufacturers and OEMs looking to offer next-generation wearable health and fitness applications, the solutions provided by Prime Phase and Ambiq Micro truly enable "always-on" sensing. The solution's continuous operation consumes less than 350 microamps at a world-class level and combines Ambiq Micro's advanced Apollo ARM M4 MCU with floating point unit for use as a master processor in advanced HRM solutions. There is also a PixArt unique heart rate monitoring product line based on CMOS sensors.

The original phase heart rate monitoring product sensor uses photoplethysmogram (PPG) technology to transmit LED light waves into the user's skin and measure changes in response due to absorption caused by pulse blood. By capturing and outputting PPG data from the user, these measurements can be used to monitor heart rate and stress levels.

Huang Senhuang, Chairman of the original phase technology company, said: "The vision and commitment of the original phase technology for the health market is deeply rooted in our proven HMI market CMOS optical sensor solution. 800X HRM sensor for the wearable product market The family is a very small package solution with ultra low power consumption and fast deployment."

Keith Odland, senior marketing director at Ambiq Micro, said: “Always turning on heart rate monitoring has always been a feature of concern, but it has been difficult to implement it due to high power consumption. However, by using our best-in-class hardware and highly optimized Software, Ambiq and Prime Technology not only achieve the industry's best HRM power consumption levels, but also the development of a commitment to open HRM."

More technical information

Ambiq Micro's Apollo MCU products are based on the 32-bit ARM® Cortex-M4F processor core, which typically consumes five to ten times less power than other competing MCU products in real-world applications. This higher performance per watt means a significant increase in battery life, which is critical for wearable electronics and battery powered applications.

Significant power reduction is achieved through the use of Ambiq's patented Sub-Threshold Power Optimization (SPOT) platform. In addition, Apollo MCUs have industry-unique technology that optimizes both operating mode and sleep mode power. When executing instructions from flash, this MCU features industry-leading 34μA/MHz power consumption and average sleep mode current as low as 140nA.

About the original phase technology

The original phase technology headquarters is located in Hsinchu Science and Technology Park, with subsidiaries in Silicon Valley, Japan and Malaysia. Original Phase Technology is a professional IC design company that develops a wide range of human interface solutions with a variety of sensing technologies. Originally developed in 1998-July, the company focuses on the development of CMOS image sensing ICs, capacitive touch ICs and related applications. The original phase technology has considerable experience in mixed signal imaging and system development. To develop a variety of innovative technologies to provide a complete human-computer interaction experience.

About Ambiq Micro

Ambiq Micro was founded in 2010 based on the simple and powerful concept that very low power semiconductors are the key to the future of the electronics industry. We use groundbreaking ultra-low power technologies to help innovative companies around the world develop differentiated solutions that reduce or eliminate battery requirements and reduce overall system power consumption while maximizing industrial design flexibility.

The breakthrough technology developed by Ambiq Micro is based on its patented Subthreshold Power OpTImized Technology (SPOTTM) platform, which significantly reduces the power consumed by semiconductor devices, making our integrated circuits an energy source. The ideal solution for critical applications.

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