GE's Current wins the world's largest indoor LED installation single order

Four months ago, US industrial giant General Electric (GE) announced the formation of a new company that combines the LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle business with its Predix platform, which was named Current. Recently, Current announced that it has signed an intelligent lighting system installation agreement with JP Morgan Chase to create the world's largest (indoor) LED installation single order.

It is reported that Current will install intelligent LED lighting system for most of JPMorgan's branches in the United States. The installation is expected to reach 25 million square feet (3.22 million square meters), covering more than 5,000 divisions. After the completion of the installation, the lighting-related energy consumption of JP Morgan Chase and its related branches will be reduced by more than 50%, which is equivalent to reducing the daily energy consumption of 27,000 vehicles. The project is said to be the largest single (indoor) LED installation order in the world.

Current President and CEO Maryrose Sylvester said: "The LED commercial market is expected to increase from the current 28% to 98% in 2025, which will release huge value for our commercial enterprise customers to reduce energy costs and complexity. Current will actively respond to this. Transformations, pioneers and leaders in optimizing energy efficiency and transformation through LEDs."

It is reported that Curent's customers include: Walgreens, Simon Property Group, Hilton Worldwide, JPMorgan Chase, American Hospital Corporation (HCA), Intel (Intel) And Ingersoll Rand's Trane and so on.

With the help of its partner Intel, Current also plans to break into the city's smart infrastructure market. Current's LED smart street lights will use the Intel IoT platform. Intel products will quickly handle the large data load of current city reliability and flexibility requirements. Sylvester said: "By working with Intel, we will accelerate the development of smart technologies, helping cities access and access data in an unprecedented way, and creating new opportunities for urban workers and residents." In addition, Current has partnered with companies such as AT&T and ShotSpotter. Smart city cooperation.

According to reports, Current also uses the global development community to create smart buildings and urban industrial application economies. So far, developers from 13 countries have submitted more than 100 sensors and application ideas as part of a concept challenge. The competition seeks good ideas and good ideas that can be combined with lighting hardware, smart sensors and personalized user experiences in smart environments such as retail and commercial organizations. The event is currently underway.

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