Improper Xiaomi LeTV contestants onlookers 4.21CANTV released second-generation super TV

A "dispute" about Internet TV has already begun. The mutual tear between the two sides has been "running sideways", and they do not seem to realize that neither hardware free nor package bundles can be separated from consumers. Excellent experience and basic rights. As CANTV has always attached importance to user experience and caring services, the news of the release of second-generation super-powered TV on April 21 has already been heated up. A group of spy photos was subsequently exposed on the Internet, apart from people’s pricing. Infinite delusions are created, letting people think of whether this pair of old rivals overlooked the quiet coming of the rising star of CANTV.

As a world-renowned CANTV, since the listing of the 915 in just a few months, not only sales exceeded the 100,000 mark, but also refreshed individual product records. New spy photos have been leaked, may wish to carry out a price conjecture on the upcoming new product of CANTV through spy photos, and also make a bold guess on whether CANTV can end this "farce." According to the information released by CANTV, new products are important breakthroughs in color gamut, audiovisual, and gaming experience. As a second-generation super-powered TV, the 55-inch model is designated as the W55, positioning it as a high-end model.

It is reported that CANTV will hold a new product launch conference at 4.21, and will make a series of targeted layouts around content and price, which will become a backbone force of the Internet TV camp.

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