Longbo Hummer's latest modified model lights debut (Figure)

At this year's Beijing International Auto Show, Longbo Auto brought its four models to the grand debut, and the new Longbo Hummer H2G version of the top model will be the most eye-catching focus. In addition, the debut of the S version and the V version will bring the atmosphere of the Longbo booth to the peak; at the same time, the Longbo Hummer H2SUT will be exhibited, which will bring a new feeling to everyone.

Longbo Hummer H2V Edition

This exciting Longbo Hummer has a custom-made large envelop that stretches the front of the car, and the wheels are also in a VIP style. The bright chrome finish contrasts the interior of the color calipers. Taking into account the need for road use, Lombard intends to replace the brake system with better performance.

Longbo Hummer H2V Edition

By adding fog lights, crystal parking lights, and roof marking lights, the car's outline is enriched, further highlighting the unique lines of Hummer. In addition, LEDs are installed on the fuel tank cap and the welcome placket with the Lombard logo, which emphasizes the unstoppable vitality of this top-of-the-line off-road vehicle. In addition to the most popular electroplating design in the world, the extremely delicate method of decorating the cover switch, door handle, side air inlet, rear identification light frame and other parts makes this Longbo Hummer full of dreamlike appeal.
As a luxury off-road vehicle that pursues a comfortable driving experience, the Rhombus Hummer H2V version has been transformed from three rows of seven seats to two rows of four seats, giving it ample space. In order to respond to the electroplating design on the body, the interior designer of Longbo uses the electroplating decoration of the shift lever and the handle in the car. In the selection of leather, the best quality leather is used to craft the interior craft. Not only the deer skin is used to decorate the door panel and the roof, but also the fine calf leather sewing seat is specially selected.

Fire resistant Control Cable, a kind of high quality fire resisting performance cable with special formula adding for its protective insulation and jacket such as PTFE ,mica tape or fiberglass yarn.. What makes this cable different from flame retardant cable is that fire resist cable will still keep electrical power on for a certain range of time in case of short circuits or combustion when fire happens. This cable should be used in public places to get a better safety and rescue capability.

Product Features

Long-term working temperature: -40℃ to 200℃

Rated voltage: 600/1000V

Conductor: Copper

Fire resistant material use:  fiberglass yarn, mica tape, PTFE

Shielding material use: Tinned copper for screen

 PTFE fire resistanting control cablesFire resistant control cable


This cable is applicable for below occasions with high fire resistant requirement:

Large-scale construction ,high-rise building

Petrochemical industry, power plants

Subway station, railway station, airport

Hospital, large library,  military facilities

Underground shopping mall etc.




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