The Swiss Pavilion decorates 10,000 LED illuminators using solar cells

The Swiss Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo is inlaid with 10,000 flashing illuminators using LEDs around the pavilion, which shines in the various exhibition halls.

These illuminators are in the shape of a red disk having a diameter of about 20 cm, and a silicon-based solar cell of about 4 cm square, a rechargeable battery, an LED, and the like are disposed inside. After a certain period of sunlight, the LED will flash. Due to the configuration of the battery, "the power stored in the battery can continue to flash at night" (Clelia Kanai of the Swiss Pavilion). Therefore, the walls at night look like countless stars are flashing.

In addition, the structure of the Swiss Pavilion is different from other pavilions, attracting the attention of visitors. After entering the hall, the first thing I saw was the 17m×11m IMAX theater. Here you can see the majestic sights of the European Alps such as the Jungfrau and Matterhorn. Afterwards, the visitors walked down the spiral ramp like climbing the Alps. There are several binoculars on the way. Binoculars display three-dimensional (3D) images, and the telescope can be used to view various landscapes in Switzerland in 3D.

After going down the ramp, I saw the cable car. Take the cable car to the top of the exhibition hall. The top of the pavilion is planted with grass and wood that mimics the summer alps and can experience a little summer hiking.

Unlike the Osaka World Expo, there are no rides such as rail cars at the Shanghai World Expo. The cable car of the Swiss Pavilion is in its sense a substitute. (Editor: Cheng Xiang)

Ridging Machine:

Ridging machines are versatile and the Ridging machine used in paddy field, which is welcomed by paddy field ploughing farmers by a plurality of unique advantages. These products are of small resistance and high efficiency. In addition, the shaft sealing of these products are proper and without straw winding. Our ridging machine also has advantages of racing against time, saving labor, working efficiency and low cost etc.

Discription of ridging machine:

Ridging machine model:1Q1-140

Auxiliary power(ke): 36.8

Geng web(cm): 140

Tillage depth(cm):12-16

Tillage depth:side gear

Tractor connections:three suspension

Tractor PTO speed r/min:540/720

knife shaft speed r/min:196/291

Scope:tobacco,vegetables and other ridge forming


Building quality kg:24

PTO flower number key ×outer diameter:8×38mm

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