5 wearable devices equipped with more advanced technology

The release of Apple Watch heralds that Apple has entered the wearable device market. As a consumer electronics device, Apple Watch still has certain appeal, including beautiful design, new user interface and some functional details superior to competitors. But from the perspective of forward-looking technology, Apple Watch seems to be slightly conservative, and functions such as blood glucose monitoring at the rumored stage have not appeared. Looking at the market, we found 5 wearable devices equipped with more advanced technologies. Let's take a look.
1. Ralph Laure Smart T-shirt
The famous fashion brand Ralph Laure recently launched its first smart T-shirt, which uses a fabric based on nano-silver wire array sensors to monitor the user's heart rate, breathing and pressure levels, and then collect data through the receiver integrated It is very advanced to be transmitted to the smartphone.
2. NuMetrex smart clothing
NuMetrex is another brand that first entered the field of smart clothing, and has a very rich product line, including bras, tight sports T-shirts and so on. They use smart fabrics produced by Textronics to monitor vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and blood pressure, helping users to better understand their physical condition.
3. Sensoria smart socks
The intelligent socks produced by Sensoria can help users to monitor the progress of the movement more accurately. The sock itself uses a fabric with a pressure sensor, and the data is sent to the foot ring and transmitted to the smartphone application. In addition, Sensoria also launched smart sports bras and other products.
4. Athos sportswear
Athos sports tights may be the most perfect smart clothing form at present. It uses electromyography technology in the medical field and embeds the sensor in the clothing fabric to help users obtain more targeted fitness and exercise results. Because the sensor coverage is very wide, Athos can monitor heart rate, arm and leg muscle morphology, and transmit it to the smartphone application through the additional Core, allowing users to understand the strength and effect of fitness training. In addition, Athos can be washed like ordinary clothes, the overall experience is very user-friendly.
5. LifeBeam head gear
LifeBeam is an aerospace and business solutions company. In recent years, it has also entered the consumer field through smart head equipment. It has launched smart bicycle helmets, smart hats and other products. All of them have built-in advanced sensors, which can achieve sports monitoring effects and are popular with riding hobbies. Favorite.

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