LED outdoor advertising screen will enter the 3.0 era

Indeed, promoting the integration and development of traditional and emerging media is a major and far-reaching change in the media field. It is not just a traditional media platform. For outdoor LED display production or operation companies, the continuous improvement of the status of emerging media is definitely a big plus.

Data show that since the 1990s, China's outdoor advertising industry has made rapid progress. According to the "2014-2018 China Outdoor Advertising Industry Market Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" data, in 2013 China's outdoor advertising volume was 56.6 billion yuan, an increase of 9.90%. In 2005-2014, China's outdoor advertising industry developed at an average annual growth rate of nearly 20%. The outdoor led display media has won the audience's favorite with its unique advantages of various media attributes such as TV media and outdoor media, and has become the new favorite of outdoor advertising. With the continuous development and maturity of the Internet era, as well as the decline in the cost of building and operating LED outdoor displays, the opportunities for LED outdoor advertising screens to achieve remote networking and multi-screen broadcasting have matured, and outdoor advertising media will be upgraded into the 3.0 era.

Outdoor led screen network linkage to create a full media form

Whether it is a big city or a small city, as long as people flow and traffic are concentrated, more and more led screens enter people's horizons and impact people's vision. However, in everyone's impression, the LED screen is just an outdoor advertisement, and few people regard it as a medium. However, one thing we can't ignore is that the publicity effect achieved by the outdoor led big screen is better than the traditional traditional media. And nothing more.

Recently, Southern Newspaper Media Group actively responded to the strategic deployment of Guangdong Province to build a strong cultural province, and jointly developed a new public media project with public welfare characteristics, such as Guangxin Holding Group and Yuexiu Group. Network." “Southern Newspaper LED Network” aims to set up an LED network of Guangdong and Shenzhen, covering 21 prefecture-level central business districts and traffic circles in Guangdong Province, forming the most outdoor communication value and most influential in Guangdong Province. Integrated information dissemination platform. As of March 2012, the project has operated nearly 40 large-screen LED screens in the central business district and traffic circle of the Pearl River Delta and nearby cities. The total screen area is nearly 6,000 square meters, which has achieved networking and simulcasting. LED media communication mode of information + news information + advertising information.

LED networked playback management system is a set of professional networked remote led display large-screen centralized control management system, which is mainly composed of player, playback management software, network platform and display. Take the Southern Newspaper LED Network as an example, make full use of Internet technology, and independently develop a powerful background broadcast control software to realize the simultaneous broadcast of LED large screens distributed in various cities in Guangdong Province; and LED outdoor screens not only It can be used as an advertising carrier, and can also play various rich video content such as news and information, forming a new outdoor media communication mode of “public interest + news + information + advertising”, which has higher information value and stickiness to the audience. Sex. These are all impossible with traditional outdoor advertising carriers.

LED outdoor display is being mediated, and the construction of a networked broadcast system is not the first in the Southern Newspaper industry. As early as 2007, Champs Media entered the outdoor LED large-screen industry. At present, it has 30 large-screen outdoor LED resources in 30 provinces, 89 cities and 169 blocks across the country, with a total area of ​​over 31,000 square meters. The national outdoor LED large screen media network. Nowadays, it is proposed to "mobile, interconnect, interact" concept, combining LED big screen with popular WiFi network, WeChat QR code, mobile APP, etc. to create a new media form of "screen interaction". It can be said that the rapid development and maturity of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, has also injected new impetus into the LED outdoor advertising screen.

Thousands of screened LED outdoor screens to build a community network platform

The media platform is competing for the LED outdoor advertising screen market, and the LED outdoor display is more important as the carrier medium. It has the characteristics of being quiet, moving, bright and varied. On this basis, with the continuous maturity of LED display technology, the introduction of LED display is no longer as unreachable as in previous years. The reduction of the cost of LED display construction also prompted the LED outdoor display to gradually "fly into". The ordinary people's home, the resulting quantitative change has also brought a certain qualitative leap.

With the development of real estate in major cities in China, more and more high-end garden communities have emerged. Building a civilized and harmonious community environment is a major trend of development. As an important information distribution center, the community has become the scent of many investors. However, the traditional community bulletin board has obviously been eliminated by the information age, and replaced by a newer LED display with a visual or propagating form. The community LED screen is generally installed in the inevitable place for residents to enter and exit, accurately covering the high-end users in the city, easy to attract investment, and high-frequency display information, allowing the community fixed population to repeat viewing, deep implantation of memory, can make advertising the most accurate and effective Hit the target audience. Once the community LED screen system is constructed, the middle and high-end communities in the first and second tier cities will open a blue ocean market for LED outdoor displays. Taking Zhongchi Lianhua Beijing Ningsheng led display P6-3G project as an example, only one project solved more than 1500 outdoor P6 displays in Beijing middle and higher residential areas, with a total area of ​​2.5 square meters per LED display, totaling 4000. Multi-square.

The qualitative change caused by the quantitative change is also benefited from the continuous maturity of the network and control system. The maturity of the 4G network has facilitated the convenience of networking and broadcasting. Only one smart phone and one control software can be installed to control the entire broadcast network. The earth has improved the efficiency and efficiency of publicity, while also saving subsequent maintenance costs. According to Ms. Long Pingfang, the chairman of Lianchengfa, networking will be a trend in the development of LED screens. Now Liancheng's LED networking screen has also been widely spread.

In addition to first- and second-tier cities, the acceleration of urbanization has also prompted outdoor advertising to sink to prefecture-level cities. At present, the LED large-screen resources at the core points of first-tier cities in China have been completed, with strict approval procedures and relatively limited resources, while outdoor led advertisements in the second, third and fourth-tier cities are still in the blue ocean market. According to incomplete statistics, in 2013, the scale of outdoor advertising revenue of prefecture-level cities and below reached 87.83 million yuan. The average annual compound growth rate in 2011-2013 was as high as 99.85%, showing a rapid development trend and considerable room for expansion. In addition to the diversified information display of LED display, various types of information release, price market release, popularization of laws and regulations, temporary notice, instant news broadcast, consumption guide, and even can be used as a terminal for government departments to initiate warnings such as weather, water conservancy and disasters. It will also lay a good foundation for the LED outdoor display "Thousand Screen Networking".

It can be seen that in the process of media integration in the future, LED display will play an important role.

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