APEC "Ji Shui" pattern released LED monogram landscape simultaneously unveiled in Beijing

According to Zou Yude, the person in charge of the design, “Ji Shui” was evolved from the traditional Chinese auspicious water pattern, and the water has a wealth of meaning in Chinese traditional culture, which fits the economic nature of the meeting. The pattern is elegant and elegant, with an elegant charm. At the same time, it also shows the vigorous vitality. It uses modern techniques to show the profound history of Chinese history and culture, and reflects the partnership between APEC economies. The auspicious water pattern is connected end to end and reciprocating, symbolizing the interconnection and intercommunication of APEC economies; the wave of vitality is full of vitality, which means that APEC economies are thriving and developing together.

The “Xiangyun” pattern of the Beijing Olympic Games is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many environmental arrangements have been used during the Olympic Games, and the APEC meeting to be held in Beijing next week also has such a core pattern for environmental layout. This morning, the Capital City Environmental Construction Committee Office (referred to as the “First Ring Office”) officially released the “Jishui” pattern and introduced the city's APEC environmental layout work.

National Road APEC logo <br> <br> erected in the city's environmental arrangement, "Jishui" has been applied to the layout of the environment, the "Olympic National Road at the southern end between ethnic harmony Que, erected a landscape device APEC logo The base of the device uses the 'Ji Shui' pattern." Wu Yamei, deputy director of the "First Ring Office", said that the landscape is 10 meters high, 8 meters in diameter and 4 meters in diameter. The base of the colored ball is embedded with traditional Chinese auspicious water patterns. There are more than 33,000 LED bulbs, and the night is full of colorful colors. After the completion of the landscape installation, many people have come to take a group photo. In addition, the city's light pole flag, outdoor advertising screen shading has adopted the "Ji Shui" pattern.

Urban environment layout has been completed <br> <br> in the arrangement of the urban environment, Tiananmen Square, the Olympic central area, Huairou District Yanxi and ecological development demonstration area, Jingcheng, such as along the airport highway passing through, and resident meetings surrounding the venue The surrounding environment, the surrounding areas of major tourist attractions and the surrounding environment of the first impression area of ​​Beijing have been completed.

Du Yi, a professor at Tsinghua University who is responsible for APEC urban landscape and night lighting, introduced the autumn and winter cold-resistant green plants and flowers in the Tiananmen area on the basis of the Tiananmen Square on the 65th anniversary of the National Day, and raised the festival flags in the tall buildings around the square. In the 10 National Day flower beds along Chang'an Avenue, two flower beds in Dongdan and Xidan were selected as APEC theme flower beds. In the Olympic Center, National Avenue, International Stadium East Gate, International Conference Center and other areas have designed landscape lampposts and ground flowers. In the core area of ​​Huairou, large column advertisements and floor lamp boxes are also installed in many places.

“Inner Light” maps beautiful night scenes “The color of Beijing city in the late autumn is relatively simple, so the city's color is enriched by the light pole flag, and the festive atmosphere is increased.” Du Yi told reporters that, for example, the Tiananmen area will use red and yellow to reflect the Chinese tradition. The business district will use green and blue to reflect the green ecology and friendliness. Each area will choose the matching color according to the characteristics of the area.

In terms of night lighting, Du said that this design process did not design a lot of exterior lighting, but the "inside light" method, using the lighting effects generated inside the building to create a beautiful night city. The soft lighting can not only set off the characteristics of the building itself, but also achieve energy saving.

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