Finding a companion for the little mouse - BOW HB030 wireless Bluetooth keyboard 9.7 inches out of the box

No, disappearing Touch Cover...

At the end of the year, the first generation of Type Cover, which had given Sophie a bluetooth mouse and then served for nearly 3 years, did not support the New Year (don't ask if you also use Touch to move the bricks and civic workers to be sad)...

Although PO is mainly to challenge new year relatives to care for a copy, but can not let the mouse out of New Year! I don't want to bite my teeth for a 3rd or 4th generation Type Cover! But the ruthless wallet rushed to wake me up and it wasn’t enough to buy red envelope money! Not to mention that the red envelope has not been discussed yet.

Then the peripheral male fierce man's bluetooth keyboard, the small-sized basic is all born for Ipad, the K380 that is a little more conventional is too thick, the round button is slightly retro. In the end, it is still a good partner for Africans. (Well, poor is a word)

Air World (BOW) HB030 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 9.7 Inch White 69 Yuan Jingdong Direct Link

Out of the box and trial: The accident is thin and cool

There is no special kraft paper environmental packaging. With the seal + product introduction integrated design, you can use a common set of packaging for different products, and save money on inexpensive equipment.

There are three main points of useful information at the seal: within 10 meters of reception, less than 2 hours of charging, and 40 hours of sustainable work! (The official declared life is a little scared)

Open the lid, and Airbow (BOW) HB030 Bluetooth keyboard body lies in it.

The bottom of the box stores the charging data cable. The common MicroUsb cable does not have a charging head. However, it is not a shortage of these things at present. In practice, most keyboards are connected to notebooks and flat panels for charging.

The charging port is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. There is also a dedicated charging status indicator on the keyboard.

There are also light indications for Bluetooth links and power conditions.

Looking at the keyboard as a whole, common notebook keyboard distribution styles: remove (integrate) the F1-12, the top of the desktop standard keyboard, and the numeric keypad area, shorten the length of the keys such as carriage return and rollback, and achieve slimming. The back of the keyboard is a dark, smooth one.

Therefore, the keyboard switching method in the manual still needs to look at... The functions between the various systems are also different, but the PO owner only intends to use it on the PC.

In terms of key styles, it is also a popular “chocolate” square cap in recent years. The space between key spaces is similar to that of a standard keyboard, and it should be able to ensure the comfort of typing.

Compare it with the sacrificed Touch Cover keyboard. Although lighter and thinner than the Touch Cover, but the size is smaller than the latter (after all, there is no touch area), go out carrying is still very convenient. Unfortunately, you can't use Surface as a protective cover.

Finally, let's get together with the partner. On this portable level, mobile office is quite good, it highlights a cost-effective ~ single to buy a Surface's original keyboard is really expensive point ... ... and then Bluetooth mouse and keyboard combination, can also Surface external TV, play some Gas FPS game.

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