Xiaomi Shang Jin said "Tomb Notes" VR version will be introduced first

Xiaomi Technology has revealed its ambition for the VR field since the beginning of the year. The Xiaomi VR microblog is officially launched this time. This indicates that Xiaomi's VR products may be coming soon. In order to enrich Xiaomi VR more attractive, Xiaomi Technology has spared no effort in the construction of VR content. It is reported that Xiaomi will launch the "Tomb Notes" game first on the VR side.

According to Shang Jin, general manager of Xiaomi Inter Entertainment, Xiaomi had adopted the three-unity ditch of the Southern School before building VR content. He hoped that “Tomb Notes” will take precedence over the mobile version.

In the field of VR, there are explosions. Shang Jin thinks there are two factors. First, the hardware of VR is not really popularized. The premise of explosive games is that there are enough users. In the second half of the year, including Xiaomi, the hardware manufacturers of VR are able to take VR devices. This is the condition for the formation of explosive funds. one.

The second is the so-called explosion model. First, the coverage and application scenarios of this game field will reach a degree of convergence.

"Tomb notes" itself comes with an IP halo, and now it's time to add a fiery VR to help. Can this game create an explosion? Let us keep looking forward together!

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