After watching this TV, you know what is mediocre! Samsung QLED TV analysis

Although CES2017 has ended, but those products that give us a deep impression, but from time to time let us marvel at it at the same time and look forward to it as soon as possible to land in the country, to personally experience some even in the pocket. The Samsung QLED TV is the author most want to personally feel about themselves, although this year's OLED speech more Sheng, but Samsung QLED TV with superb craftsmanship and profound technical strength to re-create the unique aspect of television.

At present, most TV manufacturers can hardly pull up a big gap in terms of process standards. What's more, for television products, the screen occupies most of the space, leaving little room for the remaining space. So you will see that although the television brands are numerous, the overall picture is almost the same. It is not easy to make people look bright in appearance. Apparently Samsung QLED TV is an exception.

Samsung QLED TV in the overall appearance compared to the previous generation style changed little, still simple, non-border curved screen has a stronger sense of visual, and in the base and the frame becomes more rounded, smooth. But i just can't be amazing when I'm just so sure.

Changes in the TV backboard are relatively large, replaced by a more texture full of metal materials, with the base, the frame of a stronger sense of oneness. However, the biggest highlight is the base. TV is a must-have for the living room. Most people choose wall-mounted or placed directly on the TV cabinet. But after looking at the base of Samsung QLED TV, you will know what is mediocre.

Studio Stand

Gravity Stand

The concept presented by Samsung QLED TV is that televisions, while serving as home entertainment centers, can better serve as artistic decorations. Therefore, Samsung equipped with a stand like the easel Studio Stand and sculptural art similar to the Gravity Stand, placed in the living room can instantly become a symbol of artistic decorations. I believe that watching such a TV, you can no longer go to those mediocre products.

On the right is Samsung TV

Of course, in order to meet the users who prefer the wall-mounted TV, Samsung has provided a thoughtful design. The cluttered wire on the wall-mounted TV is a place that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't tolerate. Samsung's QLED TV connects the TV to the One Connect hub through an almost invisible line, which elegantly solves the problems of obsessive-compulsive patients.

A variety of stunning stylings have given us a longing for Samsung QLED TV, but in the final analysis, the picture quality is the most important part for TVs. At this point, OLED TVs are facing such a strong impact this year. Samsung QLED TV It still did not disappoint us.

Samsung QLED TV adopts cadmium-free quantum dot technology, which can exhibit extraordinary color, accurate color accuracy, better brightness, and extremely deep black, which has improved the picture quality performance.

With the new Quantum Dot (QLED) material, Samsung QLED TV effectively improves luminous efficiency. When the brightness reaches between 1500 and 2000 nits, more light penetrates between the quantum dots, effectively increasing the amount of color. The increase in brightness makes the picture more lifelike while maintaining color stability. As a result, bright red no longer fade into tender powder, still bright red, turquoise green is still turquoise green. The vividness of color brought by HDR technology has thus been fully reflected.

Under the DCI standard of RGB color space, QLED can represent 100% of the color without sacrificing brightness, reaching the highest value on the market today.

In addition to the accuracy of Samsung's new Quantum Dot technology, the new panel is also designed to reduce reflections to reduce the impact on brightness. Therefore, the TV can display rich details at any contrast regardless of the lighting conditions. More importantly, QLED TV offers a wider viewing angle, allowing users to enjoy consistent picture color and quality at any viewing angle.

Summary: The emergence of Samsung QLED TV, so that more people realize that the original TV can be like this. It is no longer as mediocre as it used to be, and it will no longer be too general in terms of image quality, and it will pursue a more extreme experience. Soon, Samsung QLED TV will officially land in China, and it will inevitably lead to a rush to buy.

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