Rockwell Automation Helps China's Tire Industry's First Connected Enterprise Land

[Background introduction]

Rockwell Automation is the world's largest professional service provider dedicated to automation and information, with a highly scalable integrated architecture, a global portfolio of intelligent motor control products, a broad alliance of partners, and through these three cores. The platform continues to innovate, promoting the integration of control and information technology to achieve the global reach of connected companies.

Founded in 2001, Guangzhou Wanli Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale state-owned industrial enterprise group in Guangzhou, which is mainly engaged in rubber, chemical and production services. Its Wanli Tire Co., Ltd. is the first large state-owned enterprise in the country to introduce professional technology to produce a full range of radial tires. It has two production bases in Conghua and Hefei.

As the first phase of cooperation between the two parties, Wanli Tire Hefei's new plant fully uses Rockwell Automation's control and drive products to build an intelligent underlying control platform. At the same time, it implements advanced intelligent manufacturing software platform projects in Hefei and Conghua.

On May 13, 2016, Wanli Group signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Rockwell Automation of the United States in New York, USA. The two parties will cooperate in the field of control systems, information software platforms and intelligent manufacturing.

[project requirements]

Through the deployment of Rockwell Automation's intelligent manufacturing software platform, Wanli Tire Hefei's new plant will realize integrated planning of management information network and process control network, providing manufacturing, technical management, quality tracking, warehousing logistics and sales for Wanli. Management and other types of data information, realize the two-way seamless connection of data from the underlying PCS to ERP, effectively eliminate information islands, complete the integrated control of production process, trace the whole process information, etc., and interact with various information system platforms of Wanli Group. Improve the enterprise information management platform system.

After the completion of the project, Wanli Tire will become the first tire enterprise in China to realize the plant-wide deployment of intelligent manufacturing software platform.

[Main difficulty]

The main difficulty in introducing the MES system in the tire industry is that the tire product consists of formula design and structural design. The production process has the characteristics of chemical production and automobile assembly production. In addition, the variety of tire specifications is high, and the requirements for flexible production are high. Compared with other industries, the tire industry has both formula and process assembly, and the whole process is quite difficult to penetrate intelligently.

[Project implementation]

The cooperation between Wanli Group and Rockwell is not a simple software purchase, but a joint development partnership. The intelligent project of Hefei Factory is a process of continuous breaking, continuous overthrowing and continuous innovation. Many links are the first attempt, and there is no fixed model to learn from.

The two companies jointly developed an MES information system covering the entire production process of tire manufacturing from raw materials, mixing, semi-finished products, forming, vulcanization, final inspection to final storage. It can manage production, technical management, quality tracking, and warehousing logistics. Such as all-round data information, orders received from sales, through intelligent scheduling, into production orders, issued by the MES system to each machine, command machine to carry out operations, thereby achieving information management and control of the entire production process. The MES system becomes the wisdom brain of the factory, directs the entire production management of the factory, and lays a good foundation for the enterprise to build a digital ecosystem.

[Project Significance]

Through the introduction of the whole process MES system, the new plant of Wanli Tire Hefei has realized the intelligent control of the whole process of production, better meets the production requirements of flexible manufacturing for flexible manufacturing, and lays a foundation for the construction of intelligent enterprise digital ecosystem. It has reached the industry-leading level of intelligence, and its core competitiveness has been further enhanced.

Introducing the MES information system covering the whole production process in the tire industry, Wanli Tire is the first company in China's tires, creating a pioneer in the industry and playing a very good role in guiding the informationization and intelligence of the tire industry.

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