The original innovator is suitable for their own - the domestic axis is also a big world


When I first came into contact with the computer many years ago, I saw a DOS black screen. I saw a 5.2-inch floppy disk. I saw the body of the tape drive and saw the main box lying on the desktop. Of course, there is a dirty keyboard and a dull mouse.

Today, as a software engineer who has been working for many years, everyday life is made up of the various components of the computer. Working at a company to use a computer is also inseparable from going home. I always think that the keyboard and mouse are tools for our code farmers to eat, so for these two peripherals, we must be willing to invest. Otherwise it is as if a fighter has entered the battlefield, only to find that his guns are not as dead as the enemy.

With the development of computer peripherals, mechanical keyboards and high-performance gaming mice are gradually hot. In particular, various light colors of mechanical keyboards, various axes, various keycaps, various frames, and even materials and wrist rests can make a lot of articles. However, on the other hand, the ancestor of the keyboard was actually a mechanical axis. After the PBC became mature, the membrane keyboard took up the main country and was known for its low cost. Up to now, the mechanical axis has been revived, and it is considered to be a return to reality.

You are finished:

This is very lazy, too lazy to edit this out of the box, but forced several times to apply for the test failed experience, or stick a try it. Of course, I also know that this is also self-consolation compared to the great gods.

Reasons to purchase

The box opened this time was due to accidentally seeing the aunt's friend recommendation because of the drop of 10 yuan--b.

I have been using Logitech's G710+ Tea Shark. In 2015, the Black 5 Amoy Sea Amoy was trading at a price of 48.5 knives. The exchange rate was about 6.0, and the combined RMB was less than 300. It feels good to use, although I also used cherry. The blue axis, the red axis of the gynecology department, and the black axis of the ship's family also tested the HHKB electrostatic capacity of colleagues for a period of time. The company never missed these test items, but since I was a brain scraper of the G family, the operation of the mouse was necessary. I use the G control, so I chose not to hesitate to try Logitech's keyboard. I have to say that Logitech's G710+ G-keys let me adapt for more than a month before I press them when I think of Ctrl. But at work, various scripts and shortcuts still benefit from the help of these G-keys, which increases the efficiency.

Later on, the company needed a keyboard that matched MacPro because the G710 needed two plugs, and Joe's book had only two USB ports. Not to mention the occupation problem, but why the company this book usb mouth is the right one on the left, G710's plug can not be inserted at the same time on both sides. At this point, it is found that the long is an important parameter. .

So IKBC’s small keyboard was concerned for a long time, because as long as a patch cord is available, and the volume is small, moving back and forth in the office and the conference room does not require much thought, and you also want to experience the feeling of a keyboard in the leftovers.

However, the milk tea sister hasn’t released a poker offer for a long time, thinking about the 299 discount she saw at the time, she felt that she couldn’t eat this 399 big loss and waited.

A few days ago to see the value of friends pushed the RK's small keyboard, although the cherry shaft is also some, but I chose the domestic axis, give it a try, in addition: First, support for Bluetooth, so that you can directly save two tight USB ports Second, the margins allow me to experience it; the third and most important point is that it is cheaper. . As a silk thread, I think I can enter. .

First po on the purchase screenshot:

Appearance Gallery

The following is the standard open box diagram, all the pictures straight out, no PS no later no color adjustment, I think more than a treasure on the real value is worthy friends.


Positive, the box is still relatively simple, but as a silk, visual inspection of products within 200 yuan, I can accept.

Behind the side, some basic information is marked with the axis, key position, lamp color, and shell color:

The bottom surface, which is probably the CNB part of the various functions:

Open, the main body, the PE plastic bag + paper piece manual with the label, marked their own worth, but the corrugated paper is full of filling, good support, so the overall feeling is OK, no wrestling or deformation:

The first half, like many keyboard makers, also plugs in some things, opens and sees a roll of data cables, a simple key puller, and a bag of gifts from the small Japanese style Mediterranean killer ABS rainbow keycaps:

All these are:

It is said that the 87-key 104 key is a data line with a degaussing ring, obviously this 61-key degaussing ring is not a standard. But Musb's plug data lines are everywhere, easy to match, and it's not difficult to diy a better data line:

Looking at the gifted key puller, I can only say that it can be used, the material should be ABS lubrication, no glitches:

Below the high energy!

Japanese - Small Fragrance - Mediterranean - kill Matt - ABS - Rainbow Cap hits!

Personally think that this color matching keycap is more suitable for white models keyboard, at least it will not appear suddenly installed, grandma's, oily.

However, the black keyboard was installed, but it was still a little bit of a shambling foot, so it was temporarily sealed.

A set of 37 keys on a treasure Japanese-small fragrance - Mediterranean - kill Matt models -ABS-Rainbow keycaps generally need 18 yuan shipping, and PBT models need 25 yuan, we can refer to. But I have to say that if it is a sister, it may be a more appropriate match:

Daisy is like this:

Or take a look at the standard bareheaded certification of our protagonist:

Have to say, the overall quality seems to be fine. Let's not talk about the difference between homemade and cherry shafts, but this appearance, I think the domestic keyboard is making continuous efforts to catch up with imported brands, this kind of industrial spirit is still worth encouraging.

Need to mention separately, this keyboard coordination, the FN key in the lower right corner. Compared to Poker's placing FN and PN in the middle of Alt and Ctrl, HHKB is on the right side of Shift. This requires a customary process, just as anyone who uses the G710 for the first time will press G6 and continue to spit.

All the keys are as follows. The first row is compatible with F1-F10 function keys, the second row is compatible with wired and wireless switching, Bluetooth device switching, matching, and F11 and F12. For common cobol people, whether it is F12 or F20, there is no big difference between yes and no.

The overall keyboard font personally prefers. The luminescing parts are all transparent, using ABS two-color molding technology, and non-luminous such as F1-F12 is printed on the keycap. Even if it is printed, can you print a font that compares the kidneys, and must use Song-style English? . Especially Del's three letters, it is difficult to see the explosion in place, just like the aunt just learning computer, afraid to forget to stick on it.

Look at the height of the side key, at the same time that I can not tell how the OEM roar xxx. . .

The material of ABS determines that such a strong reflection of plastic must exist. The side of the keycap is different from the front matte design and uses a polished design, but this design does not apply to the ABS keycap, instantly reducing the sense of quality, and the 68′s so-called mechanical keyboard is no different.

The data line interface is in the rear side, right side position, Virgo do not ask how much. .

And there is no indicator light during the charging process, indicating that it is awkward.

Plug several times, feel and data lines with the original match closely, you need to use a certain amount of force to pull out. Interface work is acceptable, and can not be considered excellent, hand flick, did not shoot clear, with no anti-shake can not afford to hurt.

The back is like this:

You can see the nameplate:

The material of the screw is not high-end, and it needs to be matched with the appropriate bit when disassembling. Otherwise, this type of iron screw is easy to slide.

Look at the mat, visually raw rubber, pick it up and smell it, it really is as fascinating as the taste of the back of a poor mouse pad. Laying flat on a smooth wooden surface, it takes about 5 months to push the baby's arm. Although the anti-skid effect is still acceptable, this taste is really a room for improvement. I believe that the details create quality.

Let's take a look at the core and focus, axis:

This keyboard uses the Longhua red shaft. The so-called Longhua shaft is actually said to be the low-end product of the Kay's shaft. Then there are many fans in the domestic Kaihua axis, its status in the country one of the best, the quality of the domestic axis is the leader.

However, this kind of axis product, the feel is intuitive, but the quality needs time to test. I believe that I will be qualified to comment after using it for some time.

With domestic keyboards, of course, it is necessary to use light enough to do it! Now select the keyboard, if there is no marquee, there is no bright flashes, there is no hit, how can I say I use a domestic mechanical keyboard!

There are four brightness levels available, from off to on:

The RK61 offers a combination of white ice blue light and black yellow light. Personal feeling is still more acceptable. White ice blue light is more suitable for the Japanese style - small fragrance - Mediterranean - Jumat - ABS-Rainbow keycap, more uniform style. The black yellow light is even more pronounced, especially after the old typewriter keycaps that changed the punk style, B-seconds, suitable for the decoration style of the industrial revolution steam engine.

experience feelings

After all, the keyboard is still to be knocked on, but the feel of this product of the fans, each person's right hand (including some people's left hand) will provide different feedback. So I'm still not here. Can only provide personal experience as a reference, do not spray, do not attack.

Personal experience:

1. Simply speaking from the axis, it belongs to the cherry red axis, but there is still a slight difference. My feeling is a bit harder than the cherry red shaft, and there is some sense of looseness.

2. Because the time of using the red axis is not the length of the tea axis and the blue axis, for the code farmer, the first sensation is the lack of sense of passage and percussion lack of confidence (but this is determined by the structure of the red axis). It takes much more effort than the black shaft.

3. Sound: Compared to the cherry shaft, there is a plastic impact, which sounds more like plastic hitting plastic. However, the noise is not large and is in an acceptable range. It is more suitable for the office of the company. Of course, it is impossible to compare with the silent circle. If your colleagues are more sensitive, it will still cause some problems.

4. Lights: The brightness of the light is soft even in the brightest light, which does not belong to the brightness of bright eyes. But after two days of testing, the keyboard in the author's hands found an occasional problem with backlight adjustment. In the process of increasing the brightness step by step, the occasional fourth light brightness is equal to or less than the third brightness. Occasional indefinite odds, with an average of once in fifteen adjustments, ie 6.7%. Specific issues are still further communication.

Bluetooth feature report:

Because it is bought mainly for use in the Bluetooth connection mode, the following is a very subjective evaluation of the Bluetooth connection, compatibility, ease of use, and latency.

Let's look at the diagram first and then conclude:

to sum up:

Test Range:

A: iOS: iPhone6Plus with iOS8.1.1

B: Android: Charm Blue Note3 with Flyme5.1.6.0A

C: Win: Domestic Dual System Pad with Win8.1 32b

D: xOS: MacBookPro13 with xOS 10.12.2

E: xOS: MacBookPro15 with xOS 10.11

Test Results:

1. Connection speed: D> E> C> B> A

(How long does the button take effect after clicking the pairing button)

2. Identity: D>E>A>B>C

(The time when the device was first discovered until the exact name of the device is displayed instead of the MAC code)

3. Use experience: C>B>E=D>A

(Carefully speaking, under Win is the operation method we are accustomed to, so it is very easy to use. In the Android system, although there are changes, but all kinds of tips are timely, will tell you what combination of switching comfort method, various The shortcut operation is displayed in the form of a prompt box.Because I am accustomed to using the Com key combination, I often press Alt until I get used to it, but after I get used to the location of the Win key, it is still relatively easy to accept, and various shortcut keys are combined. All are valid, for example, can directly call emoji, even under the Mac can directly see the remaining power of the keyboard, the operating experience under the iPhone is the worst, I believe many use the Bluetooth keyboard for the first time to connect the Apple phone will be like how to switch Input method, how to select the text, you need to explore various combinations of keys or ask to be able to get started.)

4. Stability: No accurate comparison can be given here, because in the several devices tested, one English and one Chinese language are quickly tapped for 3 minutes, the average word frequency is 120/min, no missing code is detected, and the delay is delayed. The feeling is almost negligible. Compared to some domestic Bluetooth keyboard mentioned later, I think the connection stability of the RK61 is already excellent.

5. Functionality: In the Win can not provide F zone function, even if the combination of keys can not come out. Compared with IKBC's Poker's PN/FN combo mode and programming mode to simulate various function keys, this is a mishap. There are students who need to use F Zone every day to be cautious. . For example, I'm a little bit blind now. . It is thought that some common F-zone keys can be specified on the mouse, because I have many function keys on the mouse (G700s, G900, G502, G600).

6. Switching: Switching between the three saved connections can be performed at any time. Continuous switching does not result in failure.


There is a hand-held portable Bluetooth keyboard with a certain treasure, made a comparison, in addition to portable, can be clipped in the book at any time away, the other basic RK61 full spike. In particular, serious code dropping, knocking a few words, there will be a period of brain short circuit, and then suddenly recover the kind of memory, it is even maddening, if not extremely serious carry mad, basically do not consider starting.

to sum up

Summarize briefly:

This is a domestic red shaft entry level 61 key four gear brightness yellow backlit ABS key cap bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Can provide the basic mechanical axis feel and convenient connection and portability, as opposed to the game, more suitable for office code, but Win environment code cautious unless you do not mind the defects of the F zone. The quality of Longhua shaft requires time to test. Specific match, adjust the backlight and other operating modes written on the specification is very detailed, not repeat them.

Advantages: Portable Bluetooth support Support for wired and wireless dual-mode Support MAC approach cherry red shaft feel

Disadvantages: Missing F-zone function key combination Feet with a little taste No charge indicator light Non-PBT keycap

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