Entering the LED advertising industry to build optoelectronics to push the "Thousand-screen strategic cooperation plan"

Focus Media's building advertising model is being used by Led Display companies. Lian Jian Optoelectronics Secretary-General Zhong Juying said that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary linkage culture has gradually become better in the country, and will launch the “Thousand Screen Outdoor Advertising Network” program to double the LED display and LED network advertising business.

It is reported that the main business of Lianjian Optoelectronics is the R&D, manufacturing and sales of LED display. At present, the company's strategy is to gradually develop domestic second- and third-tier cities and overseas emerging markets while maintaining the leading position in the market share of first- and second-tier cities. In addition, the company extended its industrial chain vertically. In June 2012, it established Linkage Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to enter the LED digital culture media industry and build a national LED landmark outdoor LED advertising network.

According to the information provided by the company, the current linkage media advertising media has covered more than 40 cities, 37 business districts, nearly 100 urban trunk roads and 45 landmark buildings, with an average daily coverage of more than 32 million mainstream consumers. .

Zhong Juying said that the company is the leader in the domestic LED full-color display industry, among which LED advertising screen ranks first in the industry; at the same time, the company's LED outdoor advertising nationwide network construction speeds up, self-operated advertising points have been more than 70 at the end of June, Increased to the current more than 80, has reached the top three LED display advertising operators.

She told reporters that the current linkage culture has been personally held by Liu Hujun, the chairman of the board. After more than half a year of polishing, the sales team and sales strategy have matured. The sales center has nearly 30 sales staff, divided into two centers: direct marketing and channel agency marketing. , adopting the sales model of direct customer public relations and agency cooperation.

"This year, the company's LED screen business highlights are small-pitch products, LED advertising machines, small-pitch HD screens will have a large increase. In addition, the company has proposed "Thousand-screen strategic cooperation plan", that is, building 1,000 blocks in 300 cities across the country. Outdoor LED advertising big screen. This will become the company's new business highlights and growth points." In the future, the company will double the LED display and outdoor LED large-screen advertising through outreach mergers and acquisitions. Zhong Juying said.

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