Smart Campus: Don't ignore the intelligence of campus broadcasting

[Audio Network Information] "Smart Campus" and "Cloud Teaching" are some of the more recent vocabulary. However, the construction of a smart campus requires not only the multi-functional intelligence of the class, but also the other devices on the campus. Intelligent upgrades, for example, the construction of campus broadcasts needs to be improved in terms of intelligence. Nowadays, campus broadcasting is not an exception. The traditional passive broadcast format of broadcasting has been far from meeting the practical requirements of education and education. Objectively, the campus broadcasting system needs to adopt new ideas and new structures to conform to the times.

My understanding of "smart" in "smart broadcast" means that the broadcast system supplies intelligent control interface, which can complete the broadcast task on time according to the task obligations set by the person, and can actively control related equipment to complete unattended operation. Intelligent broadcast control. Most of the existing systems have completed the intelligent playback and management of local devices. The entire system has not been fully intelligent. For example, the control software and multi-channel playback software are separate, requiring multiple software settings, cumbersome operations, etc. . If you can tie the control and multi-play engine together, to prevent the inconvenience caused by repeated operations. The main control software can set the multi-playing engine's listening task through the divergent cycle and the divergent play template. The speaker can actively open and close according to the software setting, and actively play the obligation to send to the designated terminal. The peripheral can be based on the on-time active switch, matrix. The active unattended intelligent broadcast platform can be completely built according to the setting of active switching, the initial sound volume of the speaker, and the like.

Of course, for different stages of campus, the intelligentization of campus broadcasting is also different. For example, in the primary school campus, it is necessary to use economical and stable automatic constant pressure broadcasting. For primary schools, only one program needs to be played, and constant pressure broadcasting can be used to meet the requirements. In addition, the general primary school campus area will not be large, and the broadcasting line is relatively simple. For music ringtones, add an MP3 smart player (can store about 30 minutes of music) at the front end to achieve ringtones, eye exercises, automatic operation of broadcast operations, automatic control of power amplifier switch; in middle school, I recommend the use of numbers FM addressable intelligent broadcast. Firstly, FM radio can fully meet the requirements of simultaneous transmission of multiple sets of programs in terms of program capacity. In terms of sound quality, FM radio distortion is small and can be transmitted in stereo. Campus FM radio only undergoes FM modulation - demodulation two links, if adopted High quality digital sound source, sound quality is completely guaranteed. In addition, the digital audio source is also beneficial to the automatic broadcast control of the broadcast software in terms of automatic broadcast and intelligent control. The hard disk can also realize the massive storage of thousands of audio files. The digital format audio file is also very easy to edit and process. . For relatively complex university campuses, it is best to use multiple transmission methods and multi-mode simultaneous broadcast methods. Cable broadcasting is used in the public areas of the campus, and the student dormitory and classrooms are covered by wireless FM radio. At the same time, the campus is used for live webcasting or on-demand.

In general, different stages of the campus have different intelligent needs, how to solve their diverse needs, is also a point that the government and enterprises can not be ignored when building a smart campus.

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